Best Ship

USPS & Multi-Carrier Certified Shipping Software

Best Ship™ is a USPS™ eVS™ Certified Software utilizing Multi-Carrier services. Many companies have benefited from using our software system with an EDD (estimated day of delivery) approach for each and every parcel shipped. Best Ship™ supports all parcel shipping & return services and offers integration to all marketplaces and inventory management programs. Our mission since 2006 of providing a total shipping solution at a cost effective price was recently expanded with the integration of FedEx One Rate.

All Best Ship™ users have access to our proprietary Rate Shop Profile user interface (UI), which has unlimited capabilities for customizing delivery objectives with the proper shipping services to be considered for processing. The use of the USPS “Priority Service Standard” and our “Ground 1, 2, 3” modules (Carrier provides estimated # of days for delivery during label creation) are standard with each license, therefore you can be confident each order is being processed at the best possible rate within the delivery objective that the order was placed.

The USPS eVS™ technology is not a prepaid service and you do not need to wait for a postage refund when you cancel/delete a label. eVS™ offers additional services that are not supported in PC Postage ( / Endicia), such as Marketing Parcels, Presort Media Mail, Presort BPM, Parcel Select Lightweight, and Parcel Select Destination Entry. Best Manifesting supports all levels of USPS Destination Entry; NDC, ASF, SCF, and DDU.

Best Ship™’s retrieval of parcel “Tracking Events” is also standard with each license. Once a parcel has been delivered and the Time in Transit has been established, the data collected will be available only to you and can be use in a variety of ways. The Best Ship™ software can absolutely improve your overall shipping process and ensure your company is prepared to fulfill any order’s delivery objective with precise processing and clear tracking visibility.

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Best Ship™ Features

Best Ship Screen Shot

Best Ship™ eVS and IMPB Certified

Best Ship™ is a USPS eVS® and IMPB® manifest mailing system that allows a mailer to automate their shipping procedure via a FREE eVS permit. Each piece in a manifest mailing is still labeled with a unique identification (ID) number, a Sortation Notation, your Import ID, and other markings that you the mailer may require. 

The pieces may be identical or non-identical in weight. More than one class of mail may be processed at a time. The mailer must work with Best Manifesting and their respective USPS Operations Integration Specialist (OIS) to obtain the required eVS credentials. There is no postage shown on the mail piece itself. Best Ship™ keeps postage totals for easy accounting or you can visit the USPS Business Customer Gateway to obtain your records.

USPS eVS and Impb - Product and Services

Best Manifesting is USPS eVS® & Impb® Vendor Certified. We offer push button certification along with training that will allow you the mailer minimal involvement to get started using eVS®.

All Best Manifesting client that subscribe to the Best Ship™ software system will be certified for eVS® and Impb®. The Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode is a mandatory process from the USPS that provides additional tracking and visibility for Parcel Mailers. Along with your eVS® certification a Best Manifesting representative will certify your company for the Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode.

The Best Ship™ system is capable of handling multiple credentials for drop shipments into different locations. Best Manifesting along with your USPS Operations Integration Specialist (OIS) will assist you in obtaining the following credentials along with additional Child MIDs for multiple locations or drop shipments if needed. Once your credentials are obtained Best Manifesting will take on the main responsibility of submitting files and labels with you to ensure your Certification is completed.

  • eVS credentials required:
  • Company Indicia Abbreviation:
  • CRID:
  • Master MID:
  • Child MID:
  • FTP Login ID:
  • FTP PW:
  • eVS Permit #:
  • eVS CAPS #:

USPS mail.dat – Product and Service

Best Manifesting is a USPS Mail.dat Authorized Vendor. We offer support for mailers producing Letters and Flats who wish to submit their manifesting files electronically via Mail.dat using the Intelligent Mail® Tray and Pallet tags

We offer multiple mailing credentials and can support both Identical and Non Identical weight mailings. Best Ship™ also supports nonprofit mailings if your company qualifies.

The above is a screen shot from our Mail.dat program showing STD Flats using Intelligent Mail® Tray and Pallet Tags

Multi Carrier Options

Best Manifesting offers integration to the UPS and FedEx Shipping API.

The Best Ship™ software system is designed to offer Manual or Auto Rate Shop capabilities so you the mailer are guaranteed to get the best price for your delivery objective.

The Best Ship™ software is also integrated to DHL GM, MSI World Wide, Brokers World Wide, and many other consolidators.

Integrated Hardware

Best Manifesting offers integration to most hardware. The Best Ship™ system utilizes ZPL programming language for labels and can integrate to any USB Scale.

Best Manifesting has integrated with Optical Character Recognition hardware, package machines with in-line scales, and recommends the following hardware for standard integration:

Zebra ZPL Printers: USB recommended

  • Low – Moderate volume: GX420d (replaced the 2844-Z)
  • Moderate- High volume: ZT230 (replaced the S4M)
  • Moderate – High volume High speed: ZM400

Scales: USB. (for Serial port you must have a connection or an adapter)

  • 9503-15624 – Salter Brecknell 7620 Scale

Scanners: USB

  • Mfg#: 1400G2D-2USB

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Thoughts of our clients about our work

We are extremely satisfied with Best Manifesting's ability to streamline order processing. BEST SHIP™ allows MSI the ability to ensure quality in our services through accurate billing, confirm accurate counts and streamlines our processing.

Jack Muratore
Sales Manager at MSI Worldwide Mail

I have had the pleasure of working with Dennis since the creation and rollout of his BEST SHIP™ and subsequent products. I have been impressed with Dennis' ability to understand the varying needs of his clients and render them into cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Michael L. Brachman, Ph.D.
President of Vega Applications Development, Inc.

As a manufacturer of a variety of mailing equipment, Tritek must meet the demands of a wide range of customers. When Tritek was looking for a manifesting system to fit our needs, Best Manifesting was only company that would commit to meet all our requirements.