Best Manifesting offers a mailing solution for companies that can accurately add the weight of each item to an import file or contained in their database.  Weights need not be identical and various service classes can be produced from one file.  The Best Ship™ system would be configured to offer as many workstations as needed but typically 1 station will handle all the processing for this type of configuration.  The Best Ship™ Admin station would allow for the import of a file and process all orders based on service class configurations.  The file can be presorted for sortation purposes before any labels are printed.  The Best Ship™ system is equipped with a batch mode label processor.  This allows client the ease of printing the desired number of labels until the print job is completed.  The process workflow for this type of configuration is as follows:

  • Import a file to Best Ship™
  • Run the Batch Mode Process
  • Print labels (one at a time, in desired batches, or all at once)

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