USPS e-VS Vendor

Hello Parcel Shippers,

Best Manifesting is now a USPS Impb™ & eVS™ certified vendor. A Best Manifesting representative can work with your company with little to no effort in achieving USPS compliance with our state of the art push button certification.  eVS® provides several benefits for the mailer and as a foreseeable USPS requirement your company should take advantage of the benefits now.

 Here is a brief description of eVS:  eVS is the USPS Electronic Verification System that enables mailers to document and pay postage through electronic manifest files as an alternative to the current paper-based Mail Manifest System (MMS). Minimum shipping volume requirements are the same as paper-based manifesting with the USPS. 

 How does eVS improve my shipping process?eVS streamlines the induction, verification and postage payment processes with seamless acceptance, parcel sampling and monthly reconciliation of postage charges from individual manifests. Combined, this eliminates manifest verifications by the post office, allowing you to ship whenever you want with USPS on site acceptance.  It also eliminates hours of paperwork preparation and postal review and a can come with a complimentary USPS Pick Up. There are additional operational benefits that your local USPS Operations Integrations Specialist will inform and assist your company with.


 Vendor Responsibilities:  Communication for Mailer to Certify.  Tools for Mailer to Certify.  Assistance for Mailer to Certify.  Communication with local BMEU about eVS Live Run.  Assistance during Live Run of eVS.  Support and Training of eVS.  Best Manifest will work with one account at a time to confirm your streamlined conversion.